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Selecting Fixtures for your Home

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Finding the right light fixtures, ceiling fans and other finishing touches for your newly built or remodeled home can be a daunting experience for many. There are many choices that have to be considered in size, style and coordination with decor and the other fixtures. Here's a few tips to help with the process of selecting these fixtures which will provide the backdrop to your living space.

1. Don't skimp on your fixtures. The lights and fans of your home are most likely going to stay there awhile. They not only set the tone of the home, but also can be dramatic centerpieces. They have the power to blend in or stand out.

2. Pick some stand out pieces. While not every room will need a stand out piece, in a main living area, dining room, or kitchen, you just might want to splurge on that ""wow" piece to get your guests talking about what an amazing sense of style you have! To the left here we have the Alva pendant, a 2015 winner of the International Interior Design Association/Hospitality Design Product Design Competition. The Alva is a contemporary interpretation of the vintage Edison style filament bulb. The bulb is a heavy piece of pure optical crystal with an intricately detailed laser etched “filament” with a powerful LED.

2. Consider the size of your space. If you have a large room, and you want a ceiling fan, you need to consider 60" or 72" diameter ceiling fans, or having two standard size (52") fans in the room. Likewise for the light fixtures. A large chandelier will be required for a large entry space. Kitchen islands look great with a row of pendants hanging over them.

3. Match your finishes. Decide on your palette and then go shopping. If you want to do a modern look, brushed nickel or polished chrome can be considered. Bronze can be both modern or traditional depending on the style of your fixtures. All white blends in well if you have all white walls. 

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