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Pippa Cobalt

detail view - click to enlarge

Detail view 1 

Pippa Cobalt - unframed



Dimensions: 60" x 40"
Assembly: none required
Freight: ships free

This dynamic piece of art is beautifully and masterfully created by the Zoe Bios Creative Arthouse. 

This print is handmade all in the US. A combination of printing and hand application/overlay is used to create this wonderful work of art which can be cherished as an heirloom piece. This piece features hand applied gold leaf, acrylic paint and gloss gel.

Select framed or unframed. 

All sales final on this item.

Image Size: 60” x 40”

Frame option: Bold White Lacquer + White Setback

Completed Size: 63” x 43”


detail view - click to enlarge

Detail view 1