Decorating Tips to Unify The Look of Your Home

Decorating Tips to Unify The Look of Your Home

Have you ever noticed a well decorated home seems more organized than a tidy home that is not well coordinated? A home carefully curated by an interior designer might just make you feel like never leaving. Selecting the right lighting, decor and accessories can unify the look of your home to make it the most restful place for you.

Let's first take a look at lighting. Lighting creates mood and ambiance for the home. A well thought out lighting plan creates uniformity throughout the house and can evoke a calming effect. A good overhead light source as well as lamps and wall sconces create a cascade of light and allow you to have multiple sources to create a cozy or bright feeling, depending on your mood and activity. Make sure to always check and see how much light is emitted when selecting light fixtures.Table lamps wonderful effect of multiple light sources.

Over or under accessorizing can have the same incohesive effect on your home. Too many accessories, knick knacks, plants, frames, and more will leave your home feeling cluttered. Too few accessories and visitors may call your space sparse, unwelcoming or unfinished. Focus on quality over quantity. Designers often select one piece of furniture, lighting fixture etc. which they love to begin the decorating process of a room. From there they select coordinating pieces. Which brings us to our next decorating tip.

Coordinate accessories but don't try to be to match them perfectly. Have you ever been to that house or room which has a duo theme. I recently saw a deer themed bedroom with deer on the custom drapes, custom duvet, pillows and lamp shades. Needless to say, it was a bit overwhelming and even looked messy even though not an item was out of place.

Designers often place items in odd number groups (i.e. three vases not two), and advise not to have complete symmetry, but strive for balance. To organize items such as books, magazines or children's toys, have baskets and bins available to stack on shelves or tuck in a corner. A well-balanced room, uncluttered but well decorated will put your mind and body at ease. And please remember, accessories can be put away and changed to keep your space always looking tidy and fresh.

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