Feng Shui for Your Home

Feng Shui for Your Home

Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts for Your Home

I’m sure you have heard the word “feng shui” but you may ask yourself what exactly does it mean, and how do you incorporate it into your home. Feng Shui literally means “good energy flow” and is an ancient Chinese science that dates back to 4000 BC. So how do we incorporate some of these principles in your life? It might be easier than you think!

Things to “Do” According to Feng Shui:

Front Door

The front door is the entrance to your home and has a significant importance in feng shui. One thing in American homes is often a staircase meets the front door. According to this is feng shui, this is not good because it allows all the energy to rush out the door. Use of mirrors or plants can help diffuse this “rush” of energy.


Clutter interrupts the flow of energy in a home. Do you notice when you visit someones home that isn’t cluttered, it just feels so much more relaxing and spa-like? Think of ways you can move things to a more organized drawer, bin, box, etc. I know this can be a challenge when kids have toys everywhere, but maybe some strategically placed bins can help them (or you) move them out of the way.  And of course, things you don’t need can be donated - you will probably be amazed how much you don’t miss anything you donate.


In Chinese Feng Shui, water water means wealth, and so they recommend keeping the toilet closed and the bathroom door shut as well. 


Feng Shui experts love to use mirrors to deflect, distribute and expand energy. If a room feels stagnant, a strategically placed mirror could cure it. Mirrors are also add beauty and we have a wonderful selection of expertly designed mirrors.


I personally love rocks and crystals, and these can help bring in energy and “chi” into the home in areas that might be lacking, or stagnant. Apparently, in LA people love to give crystals as gifts

Things to “Don’t” According to Feng Shui:

The list below might also be some of things to consider when house hunting.

We already visited the idea of the staircase facing the front door. This might be hard to avoid, but luckily we have some tips to deflect the discharge of energy too quickly down the stairs and out the house without having enough energy on the lower floor. You also do not want the front door and back door to be in line with each other so the energy does not escape as well. If this is the case, place furniture or plants between the two to help the energy stay in, not out.

Long narrow hallways are something that should be avoided as well. Narrow hallways have the quality of both rushing and stagnant energy. This would be an excellent place to hang a mirror to keep the energy moving along.

Another thing to avoid is a bathroom in the center of the home. Water represents energy escaping from the home. Although this is something hard to change, a cure for this is to make sure this room has good airflow and natural light.

We hope this list might help you make a few changes in your home that make you feel more at peace and in balance.1@

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